Our Services

We are here because we care, St. Michael’s Ambulance was established in order to provide safe and reliable transportation services for children and their families. We are here to serve the community we love and we are focused on delivering the most excellent care. Our staff treats patients with the respect, compassion, and dignity they deserve.

Our Services

Our services cover non-emergency transport to a wide range of facilities throughout the state. We employ experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, so you can be sure your transfer will be reliable, safe, and comfortable. Our caring and experienced team will take the time to get to know your needs, so they can look after the logistics while you focus on just being there for your infant, child, or teen.

Non-emergency Transportation

We provide non-emergency medical transportation to facilities in the Rio Grande Valley area, and also major cities such as San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

Hospital Admissions and Discharges

We get your child or teen to hospital and home again safely, and provide a calm, responsive, and professional service you can rely on when you need it most.

Doctor's Appointments

On-time transfer to your child or teen’s medical appointment, whatever the circumstances. We’ll take note of any extra care or support recommended by your doctor.

Long-Term Treatment Support

We transport kids and teens who are following cancer treatment, dialysis, behavioral programs, and other long-term care. We believe in getting to know you personally, meaning we’ll soon feel like part of the family.

Post-NICU Infant Transfer

We transfer infants with particular needs home and back to follow-up care after NICU discharge.

Specialized Medical Support

We carry patients with a wide range of medical needs—just ask us for details. Our qualified team can assist with feeding, prescribed medication, shifting or turning, and any other personal care.